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Sutefanii Daioh
United States
I'm sailormajinmoon, I want to become an animator, which I am going to college for, and I like to write fanfics, and draw fanart and make bases. I'm an anime fan and love to watch a variety of anime and randomly shift into different anime series highs.

Current Residence: My mind
Favourite genre of music: Alternative
Favourite style of art: super-deformed
Operating System: Windows Vista
MP3 player of choice: ipod
Skin of choice: the skin on my body
Favourite cartoon character: (Anime) Killua Zaoldyeck (American Cartoon) Van Kleiss
Personal Quote: "Oi, why don't you take a long walk off a short cliff."
Well, I decided that I would post a single journal with all of the current and upcoming chapters of my current fanfic, Such a Sad Love Deep in Your Eyes.

I will have the chapter number, followed by title and either the dA link to it or the release date. I have the up to chapter 42 planned out, though I have not gotten that far in writing, any chapters that I did not write yet will have * next to the date, as that is the assumed date if I get them written in time, which I should. Link:…
Cover Image:…
Additional Images:

Chapter 1: There's Such a Fooled Heart…
Chapter 2: In Search of New Dreams…
Chapter 3: A Kind of Pale Jewel…
Chapter 4: Every Thrill is Gone…
Chapter 5: I'll Place the Sky, Within Your Eyes…
Chapter 6: We're Choosing the Path, Between the Stars…
Chapter 7: You Remind Me of the Babe…
Chapter 8: The Babe With the Power…
Chapter 9: Power of VooDoo…
Chapter 10: Crying Hard As Babe Could Cry…
Chapter 11: My Baby's Love Had Gone…
Chapter 12: What Kind of Magic Spell To Use…
Chapter 13: Something Frightening…
Chapter 14: My Baby's Fun Had Gone, And Left My Baby Blue…
Chapter 15: Put That Magic Jump On Me…
Chapter 16: Dance Magic Dance…
Chapter 17: No One Can Blame You, For Walking Away…
Chapter 18: Life Can't Be Easy…
Chapter 19: It's Not Always Swell…
Chapter 20: Don't Tell Me Truth Hurts…
Chapter 21: Cause It Hurts Like Hell…
Chapter 22: You'll Find Someone True…
Chapter 23: A Land Serene, A Crystal Moon…
Chapter 24: It's Only Forever…
Chapter 25: Not Long At All…
Chapter 26: Lost And Lonely…
Chapter 27: Heard About A Place Today…
Chapter 28: Nothing Ever Hurts Again 5/14/13
Chapter 29: One Pill Makes You Larger 5/21/13
Chapter 30: And One Pill Makes You Small 5/28/13
Chapter 31: The One's That Mother Gives You, Don't Do Anything At All 6/4/13
Chapter 32: And If You Go Chasing Rabbits 6/11/13
Chapter 33: And You Know You're Going To Fall 6/18/13*
Chapter 34: When The Men of the Chess Board 6/25/13*
Chapter 35: Get Up and Tell You Where To Go 7/2/13*
Chapter 36: And You've Just Had Some Kind of Mushroom 7/9/13*
Chapter 37: And Your Mind Is Moving Slow 7/16/13*
Chapter 38: When Logic And Proportion Have Fallen Sloppy Dead 7/23/13*
Chapter 39: And the White Knight Is Talking Backwards 7/30/13*
Chapter 40: And the Red Queen's Off With Her Head 8/6/13*
Chapter 41: Remember What the Dormouse Said 8/13/13*
Chapter 42: Feed Your Head 8/20/13*

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While enjoying a Big Mac with fries and a drink at your patio set you are suddenly interrupted by two individuals who walk into your back yard uninvited. Both were black tuxedos with their ties neatly set. One of the men was bald, wearing sun shades and eccentric piercing on his ears. The other had goggles around his forehead with his hair color bright red and a mix of orange; while of it was pony tailed in the back. You stop eating your burger and get up. “Oh I’m sorry did we break your concentration? Sit down and finish chewing it’s rude to speak with your mouth full in front of guests” said the bald man. You do as he says and swallow. “That’s a nice burger you got there, smells pretty good from over here” says the bald man as he approaches you. “Mind if I have a bite?” says the bald man; he grabs your burger without you even acknowledging him to do so. “Mmmm damn Reno this is a nice tasty burger, Rufus is a vegetarian so me and Reno here don’t get out much too eating burgers. Can I have a drink to wash this down?” says the bald man as he swipes your drink without your permission. “What do you guys want?” you ask a little intimidated by their presence. “I believe the polite way of asking is ‘How may I help you two gentlemen?’” said the bald man. “Excuse me” you reply to his smart-alecky remark. “Did I stutter?” replied the bald man “What?” you reply “WHAT COUNTRY ARE YOU FROM?” yelled the bald man “Uh oh Rude is about to get real rude all over your ass” said Reno with a half-smile “Wh-What?” you say in fear “WHAT AIN’T NO COUNTRY I EVER HEARD OF, DO THEY SPEAK ENGLISH IN WHAT?” yelled Rude as he reached into his pocket of his tux and pulled out a glossy silver dessert eagle with a cork attached to some string at the end of the barrel. He point the gun at you and begin to sweat bullets “Wh..Wh..What?” you say while you stutter in fear. “SAY ‘WHAT’ ONE MORE GOD DAMN TIME IN FACT I DOUBLE DARE YOU!” says Rude as he cocks his gun. “YOU EVER READ THE BIBLE?” asks Rude. “N..not much of it” you reply still instilled in fear. “REMEMBER THIS VERSE, EZEKIEL 25:17."THE PATH OF THE RIGHTEOUS MAN IS BESET ON ALL SIDES BY THE INEQUITIES OF THE SELFISH AND THE TYRANNY OF EVIL MEN. BLESSED IS HE WHO, IN THE NAME OF CHARITY AND GOOD WILL, SHEPHERDS THE WEAK THROUGH THE VALLEY OF THE DARKNESS, FOR HE IS TRULY HIS BROTHER'S KEEPER AND THE FINDER OF LOST CHILDREN. AND I WILL STRIKE DOWN UPON THEE WITH GREAT VENGEANCE AND FURIOUS ANGER THOSE WHO ATTEMPT TO POISON AND DESTROY MY BROTHERS. AND YOU WILL KNOW I AM THE LORD WHEN I LAY MY VENGEANCE UPON YOU!" yelled Rufus as he pulled the trigger on his gun and a cork popped out with a stick and a flag that read ‘Thanks for the fav at Mobis-New-Nest’. Rude and Reno begin to laugh at you as they both exit your back yard leaving you shaken and traumatized at what just happened.

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