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Such A Sad Love, Deep in Your Eyes Ch 29
Chapter 29: One Pill Makes You Larger
“You sure you don’t want to go?” Kat asked for what must have been the hundredth time.
“I’m sure, Alice.” Jefferson told her as he wrapped his arms around her waist.
“Its not like they’re going to try and force you to make a hat now that Emma and Mary Margaret are back.” That had been the only reason that Jefferson had stayed away from the public eye up until then. He feared that Charming would lock him up like the Queen of Hearts had in his quest to get back his wife and daughter. Not that he could blame the man, considering the things he did to try and get his own wife and child back. One of which was the reason he didn’t feel like going.
“I don’t think that Snow White or Emma would be too thrilled to see be after my last encounter with them.”
“Oh, right.” Kat muttered, having forgotten that he had kidnapped Snow to force Emma to make him a hat, “Sorry
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Such A Sad Love, Deep in Your Eyes Ch 28
Chapter 28: Nothing Ever Hurts Again
Kat and Grace were once again at the diner. Grace sat at the counter, drinking a milkshake while her mother was working. Grace had asked if she could go with her mother to work, still wanting to spend as much time with her as she could, and Kat had agreed. The blonde was currently watching as her mother took someone’s order.
The ten-year-old looked over at the door and smiled when she saw that it was Kyle who had entered the diner. “Uncle Kyle!” She greeted happily, waving her arm slightly at the older boy.
“Hey, kiddo.” Kyle greeted his niece as he walked over to her, once he was close enough, he place a hand on her head and slightly ruffled her hair. He then plopped down on the stool next to hers and turned towards Red, who was working the counter at the moment. “Hey, Ruby, can I get a burger and fries?” He asked.
“You have the money to pay for it?” Red smirked, joking around with t
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Such A Sad Love, Deep in Your Eyes Ch 27
Chapter 27: Heard About a Place Today
“A what?” Kat blinked in confusion as she stared at Red, not really sure what she was talking about. Despite not really needing to now, as she lived with Jefferson, Kat still offered to help Red out at the diner every once in a while. She was just cleaning up a table when Red came over to her to ask her about something.
“A girl’s night out.” Red repeated, “C’mon, you know, where you and your gal pals go hang out around town.”
“No.” Kat shook her head, “Most of my friends outside of Storybrooke are male.”
“Seriously?” Red questioned, eyebrow raised.
“I hated drama in high school and was into sports more than make-up.” Kat sighed. It was something her uncle sometimes joked with her about, that she should have been born a boy with the way she acted.
“Well, then I guess this will have to be your first one then.” Red told her.
“Who else is g
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Such A Sad Love, Deep in Your Eyes Ch 26
Chapter 26: Lost and Lonely
Ten Years Ago
Kat grimaced as she clenched her eyes shut tightly. She was sitting cross-legged on her bed with an arm stretched out in front of her as if she was offering something. She sat like that for several more moments before opening her eyes with a groan.
“I can’t do it!” She groaned out.
“Yes, you can, Katrin. It is a very simple concept.” Jareth told her from where he was leaning on the wall.
“Simple for you maybe!” Kat snapped at the man. She had been trying to conjure a crystal for three hours now, as far as she was concerned she probably had absolutely no magical talent at all. “And I told you don’t call me that!”
“It is simple for you, as well, Katrin.” Jareth responded, ignoring her last statement, “Magic runs through our veins. Even now I can sense the magic around you.”
“Yeah, well I don’t feel so magical.” Kat muttered, staring
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Such A Sad Love, Deep in Your Eyes Ch 25
Chapter 25: Not Long At All
Cait woke up rather late in the afternoon. She sat up in her cot, as she was still occupying one from the storm, refusing to go back to the woman who had been taking care of her during the Curse. She knew that the teachers at the school have probably realized that she was no longer planning on attending, having not really been a student during the Curse and not shown up since it broke.
“Having a cat nap?” A male voice called out, causing the Cheshire to let instinct take over. All of a sudden, Rumplestiltskin found himself with a knife against his throat. “Careful now, you don’t want anyone to get hurt.” To add emphasis, he let magic flow around his hand, showing that he would retaliate if she struck him.
“What do you want?” Cait snapped coldly as she removed her dagger.
“Nothing really.” The pawn shop owner replied, “Just wanted you to be aware that I know what you’re doing.”
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Such A Sad Love, Deep in Your Eyes Ch 24
Chapter 24: It’s Only Forever
Storybrooke, Maine
“So, you’re actually from the Enchanted Forest?” Red asked from where she was leaning against the doorframe. After Kat had told her that she was no longer going to be staying at the inn, Red got curious and followed the girl to the room that she was going to be leaving.
“Sorta,” Kat shrugged, “I kinda fell into the Enchanted Forest a while back. And someone who I knew basically forced me back here, taking my memories away as extra insurance.”
“And now you’re going to move in with your husband and child.” Red finished as she watched the brunette continue to pack her stuff.
“Yeah.” Kat nodded.
“But, wait.” Red paused, realizing something, “I thought you said you were twenty-seven.”
“I am.”
“But the Curse has been going for twenty-eight years. How are you only twenty-seven if you evaded the Curse?”
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Such A Sad Love, Deep in Your Eyes Ch 23
Chapter 23: A Land Serene, A Crystal Moon
Storybrooke, Maine
My name is Cait Sith Cheshire. I am the sixteenth child, twelfth daughter of Sterling Cheshire, the second-in-command of the clan. Twenty-eight years ago, I was given a simple job by the Queen of Hearts. Because of that job, I am stuck in my human form and trapped away from my homeland. I have been planning my revenge on Regina, the human sorceress who trapped me here. Every night, I have been visiting her home as she slept, whispering in her ear all the ways I could kill her until her sleep become restless. I have been showing up randomly in her life, making her aware that I am still around and ready to deal with her whenever I wish. I-
Cait sighed as she looked down at her journal. She had been observing Regina for the last couple of days, mainly because her only other income of amusement, Kyle Willis, has not contacted her for a while now. She had noticed that the only thing that Regina truly cared for
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Such A Sad Love, Deep in Your Eyes Ch 22
Chapter 22: You’ll Find Someone True
Storybrooke, Maine
Kat groaned as she started to stir on her bed. She didn’t understand why, but she had a major headache and her body felt very stiff. She struggled to open her eyes, but was eventually able to. Glancing around, she realized she was back at the room she was currently using at Granny’s inn.
It was then that the memories came rushing back to her. Of Grace being taken by the goblins, of her going into the Labyrinth to get her back with Jefferson, of realizing that Jefferson was not a stranger to her.
Kat bit back a gasp as she remembered him. How on earth was she ever able to forget him? And Grace! Oh, that explained why she was so willing to do as the girl asked, she was her daughter, something her subconscious must have recognized.
She had missed out on seven years of her daughter and husband’s lives. No… more than that thanks to the Curse. Kat looked at the c
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Such A Sad Love, Deep in Your Eyes Ch 21
Chapter 21: Cause It Hurts Like Hell
Soon enough, the two made it to throne room. It is a large room with a high roof, and its walls are decorated with large stone Goblin heads. There were several freestanding torches, as well as many other candles and torches kept in brackets on the walls. A large throne sat towards the back of the room, and backed by a large, curving bone hung with dully-colored drapes. The most noticeable thing was the shallow pit is in the middle of the room. Sitting sideways on the throne, riding crop in hand, was the Goblin King.
Whatever Jefferson thought the Goblin King would look like was not what he saw. The Goblin King could pass as a human with ease, though he really didn’t know what race the King was. He had long pale blonde hair that was very wild. He had sharp eyes that were two different colors, one of green and one of blue.  He wore all black, from his leather boots that ended just under the knees, to his tights, to his po
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Such A Sad Love, Deep in Your Eyes Ch 20
Chapter 20: Don’t Tell Me Truth Hurts
Soon enough the trio was at the gates, which were closed by the time they got there.  Stepping backwards, Kat looked up to the top of the wall to see a couple of goblins up top on patrol.
“Hey!” Kat called out to them, “Open the gates!”
“And why should-” The one goblin started to call out before he noticed who had shouted, “R-Right away, miss!”
Jefferson watched in shock as the goblins up top scrambled to open up the gate.
“Impressive.” Jefferson told his Alice.
“Thanks.” Kat said, still looking up at the goblins. Thankfully, Jefferson had not noticed the glare she gave the goblin that had started to say no.
Once the gates were open the three headed into the city.

Enchanted Forest

“Shh, shh!” Kat shushed the three-year-old, trying to calm her down.
“Is she alright?” Jefferson asked, worried.
“Yeah, she just fell down,”
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Such A Sad Love, Deep in Your Eyes Ch 19
Chapter 19: It’s Not Always Swell
Soon enough, the trio had finished climbing the stairs and made it to the top of the cliff. They were greeted by a horrible stench.
“Oh god.” Jefferson moaned as he moved to cover his nose, “What is that?”
“Smell.” Ludo whined as Kat pinched her nose close.
“We’re at the Bog of Eternal Stench.” She explained, “Try to avoid all goo. If you step in it, you’re never getting rid of the smell.”
“Got it.” Jefferson nodded, “How much time do we have left?”
Kat held up her arm and looked at the watch, “Six hours.”
“How far away are we?”
“Who knows,” She shrugged, “For all I know we are only a bridge crossing away from the city.”
“Great…” Jefferson sighed.
“Hey,” Kat placed a hand on his shoulder, causing the man to look at her, “We’ll get her back. Don’t wor
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Such A Sad Love, Deep in Your Eyes Ch 18
Chapter 18: Life Can’t Be Easy
It has been almost a year since Kat ended up in this magical world. Thankfully, Jefferson, the man who she met on her first day, helped her and allowed her to stay with him. He had revealed that his job dealt with portal jumping but, due to the nature of his portal, he was unable to take her back home.
Even though she terribly missed her family, Kat was happy where she was. Several months ago, she had realized why had acted so strange around Jefferson, she felt an attraction to him. Eventually, Kat decided to act on her feeling and was pleasantly surprised when he returned them.
Currently, the two were in Wonderland, much to Jefferson’s displeasure, due to a job they were given.
“I don’t see what your problem is, Wonderland seems alright to me.” Kat commented as they walked through the 10-foot tall grass.
“That’s only because you have not yet met the Queen of Hearts or the Cheshire clan, Alice.
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Rory, Rory, Always With the Rory by sailormajinmoon Rory, Rory, Always With the Rory :iconsailormajinmoon:sailormajinmoon 1 0 Aliya custom by sailormajinmoon Aliya custom :iconsailormajinmoon:sailormajinmoon 1 0


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Sutefanii Daioh
United States
I'm sailormajinmoon, I want to become an animator, which I am going to college for, and I like to write fanfics, and draw fanart and make bases. I'm an anime fan and love to watch a variety of anime and randomly shift into different anime series highs.

Current Residence: My mind
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Personal Quote: "Oi, why don't you take a long walk off a short cliff."
Well, I decided that I would post a single journal with all of the current and upcoming chapters of my current fanfic, Such a Sad Love Deep in Your Eyes.

I will have the chapter number, followed by title and either the dA link to it or the release date. I have the up to chapter 42 planned out, though I have not gotten that far in writing, any chapters that I did not write yet will have * next to the date, as that is the assumed date if I get them written in time, which I should. Link:…
Cover Image:…
Additional Images:

Chapter 1: There's Such a Fooled Heart…
Chapter 2: In Search of New Dreams…
Chapter 3: A Kind of Pale Jewel…
Chapter 4: Every Thrill is Gone…
Chapter 5: I'll Place the Sky, Within Your Eyes…
Chapter 6: We're Choosing the Path, Between the Stars…
Chapter 7: You Remind Me of the Babe…
Chapter 8: The Babe With the Power…
Chapter 9: Power of VooDoo…
Chapter 10: Crying Hard As Babe Could Cry…
Chapter 11: My Baby's Love Had Gone…
Chapter 12: What Kind of Magic Spell To Use…
Chapter 13: Something Frightening…
Chapter 14: My Baby's Fun Had Gone, And Left My Baby Blue…
Chapter 15: Put That Magic Jump On Me…
Chapter 16: Dance Magic Dance…
Chapter 17: No One Can Blame You, For Walking Away…
Chapter 18: Life Can't Be Easy…
Chapter 19: It's Not Always Swell…
Chapter 20: Don't Tell Me Truth Hurts…
Chapter 21: Cause It Hurts Like Hell…
Chapter 22: You'll Find Someone True…
Chapter 23: A Land Serene, A Crystal Moon…
Chapter 24: It's Only Forever…
Chapter 25: Not Long At All…
Chapter 26: Lost And Lonely…
Chapter 27: Heard About A Place Today…
Chapter 28: Nothing Ever Hurts Again 5/14/13
Chapter 29: One Pill Makes You Larger 5/21/13
Chapter 30: And One Pill Makes You Small 5/28/13
Chapter 31: The One's That Mother Gives You, Don't Do Anything At All 6/4/13
Chapter 32: And If You Go Chasing Rabbits 6/11/13
Chapter 33: And You Know You're Going To Fall 6/18/13*
Chapter 34: When The Men of the Chess Board 6/25/13*
Chapter 35: Get Up and Tell You Where To Go 7/2/13*
Chapter 36: And You've Just Had Some Kind of Mushroom 7/9/13*
Chapter 37: And Your Mind Is Moving Slow 7/16/13*
Chapter 38: When Logic And Proportion Have Fallen Sloppy Dead 7/23/13*
Chapter 39: And the White Knight Is Talking Backwards 7/30/13*
Chapter 40: And the Red Queen's Off With Her Head 8/6/13*
Chapter 41: Remember What the Dormouse Said 8/13/13*
Chapter 42: Feed Your Head 8/20/13*


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